" The P.A.C.T.Initiative"
Prevent Another Crime TODAY Initiative

Prevent Another Crime TODAY Initiative offers a variety of group and mentoring programs for children including:
  • Reporting The Crime
  • Follow Up Information
  • Billboard Exposure
  • Support Groups
  • Children's Social Education Group
  • And more ...
All of our programs are designed to help provide guidance and support for distressed families in Pittsburgh. Support programs for parents, siblings and friends are available.  Please contact us for a comprehensive list of our services.

Below are those who support us in our endeavor to offer the programs listed above.
Executive Director
Stephanie L. Walsh, MSW, LSW

Stephanie has a total of 30 plus years in social services and non-profit management. Her career has been dedicated to working with those who have been impacted by abuse and violence. She has served as the clinical and operational director for a variety of programs including: emergency shelter and community-based residential care for adolescents, in-home family therapy and family based mental health services. She has been with The Center for Victims of Violence and Crime (CVVC) since 1997, first as Associate Director, and since December 2001, as the Executive Director.

Mr. Stan Geier, Vice President and General Manager
Lamar Outdoor Advertising

Lamar Outdoor Advertising Company is one of the nations largest outdoor corporations currently operating more than 150 outdoor advertising companies in more than 40 states and Puerto Rico.  Lamar operates more than 149,000 billboards and has more than 75 transit franchises that reach driving audiences in 18 states and two provinces through displays on bus shelters, benches and buses. With 97,500 logo sign displays, Lamar is also the nation's leader in the highway logo sign business, with operations in 19 of the 25 states that have privatized their logo programs. At Lamar, our talented design staff uses state-of-the-art technology to help you prepare eye-catching creative designs for your message to reach the community.
 The City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police and Allegheny County Witness Protection Program
U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee had approved major funds for Attorney General Mike Fisher's statewide witness protection program in 2002.
The Committee approved $450,000 for the State of Pennsylvania Witness Protection Program, which is designed to enable law enforcement throughout the State to relocate witnesses and, when necessary, members of their immediate family from areas where they are subject to threats or harm because of their witness status. The program was modeled after the program devised by the Pittsburgh Police Department. The Pittsburgh program has moved more than 150 witnesses and 250 family members since its inception eight years ago. The statewide program will be for relocations to another county or state. Some of these funds were used to support the "Prevent Another Crime before it Happens" billboard campaign here in Pittsburgh.
      Assistance for Those whose lives
have been affected by Violence and Crime
Future Programs - Prevent Crime
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